WinVpnHelper Tool

This free tool provides additional VPN functionality unavailable in Windows (7, 8, 2008 Server):
  • Checking VPN connection status, auto-reconnect to VPN server for any error codes
  • Run the specified command (shell script or any tool) after connection successfully proceed and pass client and server IP addresses as parameters. This is very useful to create dynamic routing rules and if you don't need use VPN connection with default gateway
Command line parameters:
  • VPN-ConnectionName - name your VPN connection (as it named in the system)
  • UserName - your login (tool can't use your saved in OS credentials)
  • Password - your password
  • DomainName - use your domain name or left it blank ("")
  • ExecuteCommand - your schell script or tool location
  • AutoReconnectModeCheck - "true" if you want that tool try to reconnect for any failure
Example VPN with dynamical routing usage scenario:

For instance, you created VPN connection "MyVPN". 

  1. Disable default gateway in settings (VPN connection Properties -> Networking -> IPv4 -> Advanced -> Use default gateway on remote network):
  2. Write your shell script my-routes.cmd like:
    set GW=%1%
    route add XX1.XX1.XX1.XX1 mask %GW%
    route add XX2.XX2.XX2.XX2 mask %GW%

  3. Create a shortcut in autostart to execute tool like:
    WinVpnHelper.exe MyVPN MyLogin MyPassword "" c:\my-routes.cmd true
Thats all you need to create VPN tunnel to only specified routes in Windows.

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